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Built and Natural Environment

In light of developing world class standard infrastructure while retaining the beauty of Africa’s natural environment. We will focus on fighting Climate Change, ensuring Wildlife Conservation and contributing towards sustainable Infrastructure Development.

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Policy & Strategy

To provide guidance to development initiatives, Lede will take a role in policy and strategy development to ensure focused and results based development interventions. In addition, we will review effectiveness of policies and strategies in a wide range of development sectors.

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Data Analytics

Turning all your data sets into actionable strategy. Using the latest methodologies and BIG DATA analytics to keep you a breadth and knowledgeable and ahead in all industries from private to public sector. We make sense of all your information.

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Research & Evaluation

We build new bodies of knowledge across sectors of work using tested scientific approaches to research. Our expertise can cover individual country research to multi-country research. We are role-player in conducting Africa-continental research with the intention to clearly show regional commonalities and variabilities across a wide range of development sectors.

All forms of evaluations are under our capacity covering baselines, midterm and end term reviews. We believe in a results based approach and application of theory of change to our evaluations.

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Our coverage in the area includes public health, immunization, nutrition, HIV and AIDS, sexual gender based violence, pandemic management, health systems strengthening as well as healthcare systems and processes. Our focus is in contributing towards SGD 3 on health and wellbeing.

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Social Development & Child Protection

We offer a wide range of services, research, design of programs, evaluation, promoting evidence-based policymaking, programming and decision-making in social development, including child protection and social policy.

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Gender and Governance

The new age has seen women and men being offered equal opportunities across different contexts, however there’re still gaps in the African society. Lede will provide a wide range of services to development stakeholder to enhance their gender competencies in service provision. Key among our services are gender audits, gender analysis of policies and programs, development of strategies and work plans, development of gender manuals and guidelines and provision of gender awareness training. We provide services to institutions that enhance their governance.

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We Believe in the power of Working Together

We believe these areas are key to contributing towards the sustainable development goals. Our mandate is to help in generate valuable results which will bring about transformational change in these areas.
Our approach is streamlined and results oriented under a culture of teamwork between the best associate consultants and our in-house expertise.



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